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Frequently asked questions

Academic sessions around the world mostly commence in the middle of September and early October for late entries. January, April, May and June admissions are also available in some institutions for specific courses. In order to leave ample duration between applying for admissions, being granted a visa and settling in by resumption day, it is advisable to apply as early as possible. As soon as you and / or your sponsor are sure you definitely wish to and are able seek a foreign education, advisably three months before your preferred resumption date..

In order to effect a speedy processing of your application and to show commitment on the part of our clients, a token fee is charged as application processing fee depending on the country you are applying to.

3AG is keen on seeing you get value for your hard earned money, hence the involvement of your parent/ sponsor at crucial stages of the interview. Your welfare is of utmost importance to us and we believe to your sponsor as well

Your fees transfer should be made directly to the institution of your choice for transparency and accountability. The details will be included in your offer letter.

There are over 2000 courses available in over 30 institutions represented by 3AG. A few courses like medicine, Architecture, Dentistry and Veterinary Science are highly competitive. Our counsellors will advise you accordingly.

3AG is growing rapidly, an agency with a vision to provide quality education options for our growing client base. Currently we represent institutions in the UK, the United States of America and Holland.

If you are a genuine student with proven financial sponsorship status to support a foreign degree as well as possessing the relevant offer to study a course relevant to your personal career development, it can be quite straightforward to get a study visa. Help and guidance is given by 3AG to all candidates applying to any higher education institution via its services. Part of any 3AG Student Counsellor's job is to maintain links with both the local immigration office or relevant high commission to ensure up to date information is available to pass on to all of its clients.

This depends on what course you are studying, at what level and at what institution. It can also depend on where you live or what country you choose to study in as some places are more expensive than others. This does not in any way reflect on the quality of education received. Having family or friends you can stay with helps you to save on up-keep/ rent. There are opportunities from A'levels and International foundation programmes to Bachelor degrees and Postgraduate courses. The different high commissions have given an estimated amount of money and a student is required to have to cover living expenses in their various countries.

There are a few scholarships available for international students at postgraduate levels, but are however extremely competitive. If you are an exceptional candidate, at a level suitable for postgraduate entry, please consult the British Council for UK Scholarships or the local High Commission of the country of your school of choice for further information on postgraduate scholarship opportunities.

For most institutions this option is available. You will need to discuss this with your institution upon enrolment. Please ask for more information about this from your 3AG counsellor.

You can defer your admission in most cases, but do inform us as soon as you make this decision so the space reserved for you can be given to someone else and a new space can be reserved for you for your preferred start date.

This may be done within the university or college you are enrolled in. It may prove difficult but not impossible, to switch institutions speak to us as soon as you decide to make a switch, and a 3AG representative will advise and assist you.

If you do not attend lectures or enrol at the school you have been admitted to, the school and 3AG are duty bound to report you to relevant high commission as an absconder and your visa will be cancelled.